Microwave Structure

2D Design of Microwave Circuit from DXF file


Release 6 has the powerful translating utilities that have been available since 1985 in earlier versions of the CADnex Translator/Editor. Now you can use one robust editor to transfer file formats from GDS-II, DXF, CIFor Gerber format to one another. Use the powerful Viewing and Electrical/Mechanical editing commands to fix or tailor structures to meet design needs.


The difference between CADnex and other Translator products is the capability to import and export a wide range of file formats and use the powerful editor to view and edit the geometries. If required, electrical propertiescan also be added. This means you are not going to run out of CAD power right when you need it. GDS-II and DXF files can be output to Gerber file format or the reverse. Or Import/Export GDS-II to DXF. Import DXF files and display them exactly how they will appear on film. In AutoCAD, thickpolylines have flat endcaps, while in Gerber file format, they have roundend caps. If there are errors, they can be identified and fixed before you go to press. After a file has been imported, the output can be sent directly into the IE3D Electromagnetic Modler via the CIF file format.


Imported files are originally stored as library parts/cells with upto ten levels of hierarchy, therefore, multiple files can be merged to-gether. As a CAD system, database geometries can be grouped together tocreate library parts. Alteration of an existing library parts is a simple three step process. Blocks of parts (including interconnect traces) canbe made into library parts. A library part can be modified and all instances in the database will be automatically updated.


Two level menus offer the editor’s 100 plus commands in two easy to use levels. Simple mnemonic keyboard command entry can also be used. Have a need for a custom menu? Easy to modify menu text files can be revised for your menu needs.


Keeping track of the 64 layers is a breeze with the ability to name each layer. Layer name information is stored in a text fie so there is flexibility from one design to another. Independent layer fill with 24 fill codes, including transparent fill are supported. Transparent fills allow you to see through large filled areas such as a ground plane.


Intelligent access of the database allows specific selection of Part/RefDesignator/Net by name, such as PAD, U1 or CLK. Netlist generation of interconnects is available. A netlist can be imported with direct interconnection (ratsnest)display.





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